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CM 506 Knuckle Boom Cranes


Knuckle Boom Crane CM506

Knuckle Boom Crane CM506

Hydraulic Marine Crane with a maximum load of 9.000 Kg. to be installed on vessels, fisher ship, rescue ships, pedestals in decks, harbors, there are combinations about the needs… to one extension to four extensions. All the structure of the crane is constructed with steel class S690 high strength and particularly adapted to resist corrosion and oxidation.

Lifting moment: 49.500Kg. m.

There are available a wide range of accessories as well as manual extensions, baskets, octopus, grabs, operator platforms or cabins, lights, radio remote control…

We do projects according to customer needs.

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Extension 1S 2S 3S 4S
Max. hydraulic outreach/m 9,35 12,50 18,80 17,55
Max. lifting capacity to/kg 5.125 3.750 2.950 2.380
Max. lifting load 9.000 kg.