CYTECMA - Crane manufacturers

The Company


Delegación BarcelonaEn Construcciones y Técnicas de Maquinaria (CYTECMA) we manufactured cranes, as a Marine Cranes or loader Cranes, aerial platforms, robotic arms, special projects in sectors than environmental, town halls, administration, army, navy, Oceanographic vessels, forestry or scrap parks, as well as tube or railways and also accessories as winches, cabins, bases…

In our engineering department we work with the most advanced technology, way to improve day by day our projects, to have the best results and share with our customers. We work with own designs and have a record of more than 500 world patents.

If something we can stand out of our Cranes it is his perfect functioning throughout the time. In our workshop we build each crane like the first; in our repair service take care of every detail to make our cranes are kept on the first day.

All the staff works with perseverance and effort to give our customers solutions. The satisfaction of our customers is our motivation to continue creating and innovating.

If you are looking for its quality, reliability and security, CYTECMA undertakes.