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High Quality Crane Manufacturers

We make a difference

We give customized solutions to our clients, we build each crane with quality and always using the latest technological advances.


The Cytecma Marine Hydraulic Cranes are new generation, studied, designed and built for marine works and tough to highly corrosive, humid and saline enviornments.


We manufacture different land-based hydraulic cranes to be assembled on trucks, destined to many sectors, and static cranes that have electro-hydraulic equipment installed on different basis.


We create special projects according to the requirements of our clients. Our Engineering Department studies your needs to create a crane that adapts to your work.

Main sectors and types of cranes that we manufacture

gruas marinas hidraulicas

Marine Hydraulic Cranes

Suitable for corrosive environments.

gruas terrestres hidraulicas

Hydraulic Truck Cranes

To install on trucks and industrial vehicles.

gruas marinas hidraulicas

ATEX Hydraulic Cranes

Suitable for working in areas with highly explosive atmospheres. With certification.

gruas terrestres hidraulicas

Basket Cranes

Suitable for working people at height. UNE-EN 280 approval.

gruas hidraulicas militares

Military Hydraulic Cranes – Defense

gruas hidraulicas ferroviarias

Railway Hydraulic Cranes

gruas hidraulicas forestales

Forestry and Scrapyard Hydraulic Cranes

gruas hidraulicas fijas

Fixed Hydraulic Cranes

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