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New Hydraulic Articulated Marine Crane, CYTECMA CM2704 / 4S of 500 Tn. gross

CYTECMA hydraulic marine crane, model CM2704 / 4S, is installed on the platform of Marine Scientific Research of the European Community, anchored in the Atlantic Ocean in International waters south of the Canary Islands, off the coast of Morocco. It equips a set of infrastructures and experimental laboratories capable of working autonomously. More than 40 international scientists work there. It will be a test bank that will support activities dedicated to the use of ocean energy resources and the so-called ‘blue growth’ (marine crops, biotechnology, renewable energy). The work carried out by the installed crane is the provisioning, handling of the supply containers to the PLOCAN platform, the shipment of oceanic elements to the continent and the movement of all loads and heavy elements, within the Scientific Platform.

The CYTECMA CM2704 / 4S crane can move up to 50 Tn. it has a horizontal reach that goes from 8 m. at almost 20 m. and it is one of the most powerful articulated marine hydraulic cranes in the world. It is also equipped with high quality components. It has Radio-command for wireless remote management and is equipped with the most modern security systems on the world market.