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Report in Rent & Grúas by CYTECMA


The entry into force of the EN 12999: 2011 standard has led to a revolution in the hydraulic crane market due to its new requirements in terms of safety. This standard affects all articulated cranes except those with a maximum working load of 1,000 kg, or whose tipping moment is less than 40,000 Nm. In this way, the main manufacturers are developing different security systems that comply with the regulations and are therefore presenting important novelties within their range of products. Below we detail the most important news and the range of products of the main manufacturers.


The Spanish company CYTECMA has a wide variety of cranes with capacities ranging from 500 Kg to 100 Tons / meter. The destinations and uses of these cranes are very varied, which is why they are present in the military, railway, junkyard or forestry sectors, among others.

Construcciones Técnica de Maquinaria SA., (CYTECMA) is a 100% national company with a history of more than 46 years manufacturing Articulated cranes on trucks and aerial platforms.

This company has a wide range of articulated truck cranes. Thus, the product catalog includes cranes with capacities ranging from 500 Kg to more than 100 Tons / meter.

CYTECMA has always been characterized as being a very dynamic company and attentive to market demand. For this reason, its engineering department studies the needs of its customers in a personalized way and manufactures custom cranes to meet very specific needs.

The high quality of its products is evident when taking into account that a large part of its production is destined for the foreign market. CYTECMA’s variety of cranes is very wide. Thus, cranes are manufactured for military use, for railways, autonomous, robotic, scrap yards, forestry, electrical and other uses.